Theseus Beach Village is a high-quality independent leisure developmental project of international attraction, with permanent and holiday homes. It offers the most luxurious seaside properties in the region and boasts an incredible array of top class facilities.

The village is climbing the two sides of a peninsula made impressive not only by its steep sides, which culminate in cliffs on the 'far side' but by the bays they descend into. While the site's total area is 165.000 square meters, actual construction will cover only 40.000 square meters.

The infrastructure offered at Theseus Beach Village is also an essential part in ensuring a complete living experience, with tennis courts, swimming pools, an organized golden beach and boat mooring keys at its grounds, a cafeteria, a small mall, a convenience store and a guarded 24/7 controlled entrance.

Wherever one turns careful landscaping, culminating in several parks and playgrounds, ensures that the total image and atmosphere of the place remains a positive, pleasant experience.