It is our intention to create something for our clients, current and future that will make a deep, positive impression. We are confident that the location of the project is hard to beat, perched as it is above stunning seas and impressive rocks. Our architecture team, both here and on the island of Cyprus are constantly striving to ensure that everything is designed and executed to the highest standard possible. The standard you have come to expect. Our on site staff are there to serve, to assist in any way they can. The masterplan of the Theseus Beach Village has ensured a good infrastructure and a back up of amenities and facilities, delivering not only well designed homes but also the appropriate support for the high standard of life we aim for you to enjoy.

Dear Visitors
We wish to welcome you to our project which aims to rival similar international standard projects in the Mediterranean.
The company aims to treat each and every client with understanding and with a spirit of friendship.
We do hope that our project meets your expectations and that you will offer me the pleasure to meet you.
Marios Christofides

Chairman TEAK