The property purchase process in Greece requires physical presence or the buyer authorizes a lawyer by power of attorney to represent them to all procedures. Once you have chosen your ideal property, a reservation fee is required to take the property off the market. A lawyer is not obligatory when signing the contract, but clients can employ one for the due diligence. A TAX number is necessary when carrying out any financial transaction in Greece and can easily be issued at the tax office in Heraklion. Mortgages are available at competitive terms and rates at local banks where advisors will guide you. Payments to the developer have to be made from bank accounts belonging to the buyer of the property. Contracts are being signed at the notary’s office and then are registered at the land registry.


Ownership of property in Greece is a private, absolute and exclusive right as set out in the Greek constitution. Foreign nationals are allowed to buy freehold properties in Greece, while a property can be owned jointly by several people through a form of co-ownership or by legal persons (companies).


Non EU citizens can obtain residence permits in Greece when buying a property, if the declared value is more than 250.000€. The residence permit is issued for a 5 year period and can be renewed, as long as the Non-EU citizen keeps the ownership of the property. Properties can be owned by one or two (but no more) parties. In the case of two co-owners, each of them is entitled to a separate residence permit.  Also, this permit shall be entitled to the person owning several real estate assets, if the total cost is over 250.000€.

The right to obtain a residence permit enjoys the whole family (husband, wife and children under 21). Parents of buyers can apply too. Owners of the new residence permit have the opportunity to engage in entrepreneurial activity as the company's shareholders, board members, etc. They also have the right to rent their properties and visit any Schengen country without having to enter Greece.

Our team of lawyers will guide you on the procedures and apply for the PR by proxy.


Theseus Beach Village is the most popular property hotspot in Greece thanks to the facilities & services ensuring a complete living experience in a community environment. Our clients are both locally based permanent residents and internationals who would like to own a holiday home by the sea. Buyers invest here for many reasons, some of them being:

Location: It is a rocky peninsula plunging into the Mediterranean Sea. This provides most of the units with views of the unending blue of the sea, others have a lovely view across the bay towards the capital Iraklion and others have a view across the bay of Agia Pelagia. It is a 20 minute drive from the airport and a 15 minute drive from the city of Heraklion.

Infrastructure: It has its own Controlled Entrance Gate and internal paved roads free of traffic.

Scale: The scale is very human and buildings are low.

Landscaping: The whole complex is landscaped with the use of mostly local plants and trees. Pops of colour are provided by colourful plants such as bougainvillea.

On-site staff: On-site staff is available for support, security and administrative work. Holiday home owners can organise with the staff to clean their homes and stock their fridges prior to their arrival. The staff also keeps a look out for the safety and maintenance of the properties that are not inhabited continually.

Beach: The complex has its own beach and jetty. Access to the beach is provided via the entrance gate and internal road. A valet service is available to transport residents and their guests to and from the beach. There are thatched umbrellas on the beach as well as delivery services. The beach has crystal clear turquoise waters and is always calm suitable for swimming.

Security: There is a security gate at the entrance to the fenced complex and access is gained by owners and invited guests only. There is a 24 hour security service active; ensuring that if one owns a holiday home in the complex, one will find it intact when they return. Since the beginning of the development, 18 years ago, there have been no reports of any criminal activity within its grounds.

Peace and quiet: We strive to enhance the peace and quiet its location makes possible mostly by keeping city traffic away.

Investment value:  Investors benefit from the added value of their investment, while enjoying significant rental income. Properties in this internationally awarded development have high resale prices in the property market.

Golden Visa: Non EU citizens have the ability to grant a Permanent Residency for the whole family with a home purchase worth 250.000€.