Theseus Beach Village is a high-quality independent leisure development of international attraction offering the most luxurious seaside properties on the region. The project expands in a 165.000m2 peninsula boldly projecting into the Mediterranean on which only 40.000m2 will be developed leaving the rest as natural common grounds. It consists of 26 neighbourhoods containing ±350 housing units varying in size and design each with its own architectural character built by the sea with respect to the environment and residents’ privacy.


Our team of professionals assist you to all procedures from signing the contract to furnishing your dream home.

Спасибо сотрудникам Тесеуса

Приятно приежать в цветущий и чистый поселок. За что большое  спасибо тем людям, которые это умеют делать. Спасибо, сотрудникам Тесеуса, которые всегда откликаются на наши просьбы и вопросы и решают их быстро и профессионально.


Lyudmila Elt, Russia
Choose Theseus Beach Village!

Theseus Beach Village is the home where my heart is. With its fresh wind, deep blue sea, tasty coffee in café under green tree crowns, it is the calm peaceful place to return after the day full of battles and fights is over. Looking for the place to live? Value privacy, security, convenient location? Want to live in spacious apartment, with swimming pool and sea nearby? Want to be sure that everything at your place will be repaired asap and the territory will be clean, green and well-kept? Choose Theseus Beach Village.

Julia, Ukraine
Outstanding support by the TEAK -sales and –legal team!

Buying my property in Greece with contracts in a foreign language and with an unknown procedure could have been a threat-full experience. Good references from existing house owners plus mainly an outstanding support by the TEAK -sales and –legal team gave me any time during the property change process transparency and a clear plan for the next steps. My confidence has been fully justified – thanks to the professional work of the TEAK Team.

N. Mettler, Switzerland
Oдно из самых лучших мест в мире!

Моя семья уже больше 20 лет живет в Европе и мы посетили очень много разных стран. Мы долгое время искали комфортное место проживания возле моря и нашли его в Тесеусе. На наш взгляд, это одно из самых лучших мест в мире, с точки зрения окружения, проживающих здесь людей, с точки зрения архитектуры, организации жизни и отдыха. Мы желаем Тесеусу долгих лет, процветания, расширения и новых хороших жителей!

Evgeniy, Russia

The climate in Crete is Mediterranean and we enjoy 340 sunny days a year. Average temperature in the summer is 25°C-30°C and the winter is mild with 12‎°C-18‎°C. The microclimate in the area of Theseus Beach Village with pleasant breezes provides a humid free environment. 

Properties in the project are freehold, ownership of the properties is a private, absolute and exclusive right as set out in the Greek constitution. All properties have title deeds and are registered officially at the Land Registry.

Communal expenses are significantly low and include a wide range of services & facilities, e.g. security 24/7, communal pool, organized beach, boat mooring facilities, tennis courts, satellite TV, biological sewage treatment plant, cleaning of common areas & roads, garbage collection, street lighting, maintenance of common gardens and management services.    


Yes, properties can easily be rented with high return, contact us for more information.

Once you own a real estate in Greece, you have to declare it at the tax office; you can authorize a lawyer or an accountant for the procedure. Annual property tax depends on the size of the property and the buyers total property belongings.

EU residents can easily apply for a mortgage at Greek banks with competitive terms and rates, contact us for information.

The whole family –husband, wife, children under 21 and parents of the buyers- has the right to obtain the Residence Permit.

Buying a property from 250.000€ gives you the right to obtain the Golden Visa.

The residence permit is issued for a 5 year period and is renewed as long as you keep the ownership of the property.